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Qubits 2024 is now over but you can still watch the talks

on the D-Wave YouTube channel.


The two day conference focused on how quantum can deliver significant benefits to organizations today. The agenda is packed with talks and demos of real-world quantum applications across logistics and manufacturing, government, life sciences, financial services, and other sectors. 

  • Learn how the power of generative AI and quantum computing will work together to solve large-scale commercial applications.

  • Hear how quantum-hybrid applications are driving efficiencies and cost savings across a myriad of optimization use cases, including employee and driver scheduling, promotional tour routing, and industrial construction design. D-Wave customers including Davidson Technologies, Pattison Food Group, POLARISqb, QuantumBasel with VINCI, and SavantX will share how quantum solutions are fueling operational excellence.

  • Hear in-depth analysis on the latest quantum business trends from Brian Lenahan, Founder and Chair of Quantum Strategy Institute, and Bob Sorensen, Senior Vice President of Research at Hyperion Research.

  • Hear from leading researchers about the performance of D-Wave’s technology versus both classical and quantum alternative technologies and about D-Wave's latest quantum hardware and software.

  • Network with your peers and learn from the experience of those who have built and implemented quantum applications.

  • Have fun! On Monday night (June 17) we are planning an excursion to an island in Boston Harbor for a real New England clambake! (that means lobster, for you non-New Englanders).


Attending Qubits in person is always an excellent opportunity to connect with other innovators involved in quantum computing, but if you can’t come to Boston, register for the livestream of the first day’s talks. The cost to attend the in-person event is just $195. 


It is free to attend the livestream. 

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