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September 23-25

Thank you to all the attendees and presenters at the 2019 D-Wave Qubits North America users conference. The full agenda may be found here.  

Below are the presentations we have permission to share:



Day 1


D-Wave Company Updates

D-Wave Systems Inc.

Industry Applications

Industry Applications

Framework for Implementing Quantum Applications in Financial Institutions

Vish Ramakrishnan, CogniFrame

Supply Chain/Asset Sustainment: Investigating Strategies for Performance Improvement

Annarita Giani & Aussie Schnore, GE Research

Leveraging Quantum Annealing for Large MIMO Processing in Cluster-Based Radio Access Networks

Kyle Jamieson, Princeton University

Benchmarking Portfolio Optimization with Quantum Annealing

Erica Grant, ORNL / U Tenn

Science & Healthcare

User Applications: Science & Healthcare

Computing Protein-Ligand Binding Free Energy using Quantum Annealing

Vaibhaw Kumar, Booz Allen Hamilton

Delivering Value with Quantum Computing: Kidney Exchange Network

Shreyas Ramesh, Accenture

A Peptide Designed using the Rosetta Software Suite and the D-Wave 2000Q

Vikram Mulligan, Menten AI

Particle Track Pattern Recognition via Content Addressable Memory and Adiabatic Quantum Optimization

Gregory Quiroz, Johns Hopkins University

Site Reports & D-Wave Directions

Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL)

Scott Pakin, LANL


Shon Grabbe, NASA

Next Generation Systems

Mark Johnson, D-Wave

Performance Comparison: 2000Q and Lower-Noise 2000Q

Catherine McGeoch, D-Wave

Quantum and Classical Dynamics of a Simulated Quantum Magnet

Andrew King, D-Wave

Site Reports & D-Wave Directions

Quantum as a Business

Creating New Business Opportunities with Quantum Computing and AI

Eihiro Saishu, Groovenauts

Quantum as a Business
Day 2


Ocean Update

Alex Condello, D-Wave

User Applications: Annealing Features, New Algorithms 

& Methods

Minimizing Polynomial Functions on a D-Wave Quantum Computer: An Overview

Sridhar Tayur, Carnegie Mellon University

Annealing Features, Algorithms & Methods
Science & Materials Simulation

User Applications: Science & Materials Simulation

Designing Metamaterials with the D-Wave 2000Q Quantum Annealer

Koki Kitai, The University of Tokoyo

Simulations of the Ising Model on a Shastry-Sutherland Lattice by Quantum Annealing

Paul Kairys, ORNL

Reconstructing Proton-Proton Collision Positions at the Large Hadron Collider with D-Wave

Souvik Das, Purdue University

User Applications: Annealing Features, New Algorithms & Methods Pt. 2

Annealing Features, Algorithms & Methods Pt. 2
C Code In, D-Wave QMI Out

Scott Pakin, LANL

Forward-Reverse Error Mitigation Procedure for Quantum Annealers

Mark Novotny, Mississippi State University

“Dynamic Optimization” Practical Business Framework for Business Profit

Yuichiro Minato, MDR

Novel Machine Learning Algorithms for Quantum Annealing with Applications in High Energy Physics

Alexander Zlokapa, Caltech

Quantum as a Business Pt. 2

The Entanglement Institute

Jason Turner, The Entanglement Institute

Quantum as a Business Pt. 2


Monday Seminar
Introduction to Quantum Computing & D-Wave

René Copeland, D-Wave

Quantum Annealing for Asset Sustainment

Annarita Giani, GE Research

Getting Started with D-Wave

Victoria Goliber, D-Wave

D-Wave: The Next Generation

Mark Johnson, D-Wave

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